Photomatix PRO 6.0.2 With Serial Key

Photomatix PRO 6.0.2 incl Serial Key Full Version

Photomatix PRO 6.0.2 incl Serial Key Full Version

Photomatix Pro: is a well known HDR photography software which also includes a Plugin for Adobe Lightroom and much more.High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is a special technique that enables photographers to obtain perfectly exposed images in all areas, even if they have radically different luminosity values. And now you can try this method with your own pictures and Photomatix.

You don’t need to know a lot about professional photography, nor spend a lot of money on the material. Some photos taken with a different exposure value is all this program needs to create some astounding HDR images. Well, you’ll also need some patience as the program may take a while to process images, depending on your system’s performance.

Photomatix includes automatic working modes for those who don’t want to be bothered tweaking a dozen different values, and also manual modes for picky photographers who prefer controlling every single detail. It also features a quick tutorial and a user manual to help you take your first steps in HDR creation.

Photomatix Pro Key Features : 

A more intuitive workflow – Whether you are working with a single image, or a bracketed set of photos, more intuitive workflow makes it easier to load and choose images and proceed through to editing.

More style choice for realistic results – A new HDR rendering method called Tone Balancer gives you more options for achieving a realistic look. It is well-suited to real estate and natural style landscapes.

Refine your image with more control over color – With the new interactive brush tool, you can make color changes to just parts of the image by painting over those areas. You can also remove color casts, enhance skies, and adjust other image features by fine-tuning the saturation, hue, and brightness of individual colors.

Avoid overdoing it – If you want a more realistic look, you can blend your original photo with the HDR rendered image. You can also use a brush to blend specific areas with the original photo, or one of the other photos from a bracketed set.

Remove distortion from your photos – If the horizon isn’t straight or vertical objects like buildings aren’t vertical, you can quickly straighten your photo and fix perspective issues where lines don’t look parallel when they should. These are particularly helpful features for architectural and landscape photographers.

How to Register, Activate Or Crack Photomatix Pro 6?

Turn off internet connection (important)

  • Install Photomatix PRO Trial Setup.exe
  • After Installation Run Photomatix PRO & register it with below provided serial key.

Photomatix PRO 6.0.2 Serial Key: 3W34-H432-PKD7-9U6T-WZJ3

Please note – do not update Photomatix Pro after applying serial key otherwise program can get deactivated, & do block program via the firewall. (outbound rules)

All done! Photomatix Pro 6.0.2 full version for free… 😀

Photomatix PRO 6.0.2 Official Latest Setup Download Link!

Download Photomatix PRO 6.0.2 trial Setup.exe (30 MB)

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